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My best new source - Photographers SHOTKIT VOL2 book

It’s needless to say that in today’s world of both professional and amateur/enthusiast photography one can find a plethora of sources for new project ideas, gear reviews, example of work, interviews, even “meet ups” for photo walks and courses. 

A professional photographer, regardless of field or interest and thus whether wedding, portrait, family, sports, fashion or commercial who doesn’t constantly look, investigate and explore would quite simply set oneself on a quick path to “creatively fading away”. I’m one of those guilty ones who sometimes think whether time perhaps could be spent differently rather than “exploring” however when on task afterwards I cannot deny it is those times of exploration for new inspiration that push me more and let me get out of my comfort zones. 

It is then true fireworks when I see and experience something truly mind blowing in terms of techniques, examples of work and sheer quality and openness of other professional photographers who share their trade techniques. And this is where the new book I’ve come across recently comes in. It’s called Photographers SHOTKIT VOL2 and I cannot praise it enough! 

Packed with the work of some of the most professional and renowned photographers, gear reviews and down-to-the-last-detail descriptions of cameras and lenses from a wide array of fields, thoughts and method, videos as well as project ideas, this is THE BEST source I have come across in years. 

The wait is over then. Do check it out here and score yourself a copy. Guaranteed it will be money well spent and you’ll quickly see how clients respond to your new creative approaches! Enough said. At least until volume III that is:)

Inspiration is for amateurs

This is by no means an attempt at re-blogging. But I did read this blog stating that “inspiration is for amateurs” and had a bit of a hard time agreeing with the statement. Sure, we do chores and it is the “crisp” of our profession and we don’t wait for the proverbial lightning to strike though I can’t help thinking I am hungry for inspiration everywhere anytime! Does it make me an amateur? OMG I think I need therapy if it really does and I don’t realise it but here I am sending a different message: GET INSPIRED! LOOK FOR THE NEXTNEW”, DON’T RELY ON THE NORMS and ALWAYS CREATE

Holly and Kevin pre-wedding shoot in Medbourne

The morning was really hazy and cool and I knew I’m in for a treat with Holly and Kevin! Easy and coffee infused walk around Medbourne near Market Harborough at early hours in the morning (, no I wasn’t playing Pokémon Go:) couldn’t prepare me for the lovely moments I was bound to experience. 

I love it when the shoot evolves naturally around the location, Medbourne being one of my favourites. And if you’re ever around make sure you pop in to Cafe Nevill and try any of the treats from their menu, you will not walk away disappointed!

And so Holly and Kev, one more time, thank you so much for being yourselves and enjoying the time spent in front of my camera. Roll on 2017! Can’t wait till your wedding day!

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Fuji X Passion Magazine Feature

It’s happened again and I’m extremely honoured to be published again in what has come as an iconic moment for the newly created Fuji X Passion magazine - its very 1st issue! 

Beware, technical spill of words ahead:

Shooting with flagship Fuji X alongside Canon has been extremely rewarding over the last year though getting it right is not always an easy cookie to crumble. Different cameras produce different files hence challenge the photographer to approach them with different techniques in order to achieve product consistency. Technical, I know but it is this aspect of photography that matters most to the clients, consistency and quality.  So if you happen to be a new member of the Fuji X family, whichever the model, read the article, enjoy and give it a go. Most of all, print print print! Your best memories should not only be cherished on screen. 

And back to normal:

After reading other entries in the magazine I’m delighted to be included what is one of the most talented and creative Fuji X passionate photographers. A real privilege and my huge thanks go to Mauricio and Hugo for starting the magazine, a new and growing family as well as the opportunity itself. One happy chap here! Till next time I hope;)

Jade and Ben at the Newton Blossomville Park barn

From the early hours of the morning the air and gentle sunny spells were promising for the day to be a special one. The anticipation of what was to come rose with excitement amongst those prepping the venue who seemed to have been not “running around in haste” but simply “dancing” whilst the place was transforming gradually and taking shape. And the smiles, the jokes, Newton Blossomville Park barn itself and, of course, the greeting image of Jade’s dad dragster car along a kayak filled with chilled drinks provided for a truly magical setting for Jade and Ben’s wedding. 

The slow yet filled with joy preps were followed by a beautiful ceremony in Olney, Ben’s home town which I am still trying to learn the proper pronunciation of:) And although a bit of rain paused the colourful spells briefly after the “I dos”, this was quickly forgotten by the fantastic speeches, and a party that followed and captivated everyone with excellent music and atmosphere!

So once more here’s congratulations to both of you Jade and Ben! May your love transcend, grow and expand onto others! It’s truly been a magical experience to be your wedding photographer!

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