Yuliya Photoshoot in the fields

Yuliya is a creative writer and her ability to connect the reader with how she presents the world in her pieces has been a refreshing and somewhat enchanting experience. Whilst I read her narratives on nature and the supernatural, I immediately felt I could relate what I’m reading to whatever I wanted. I felt light because her form of writing is so easily interpretable. I haven’t read many narratives like hers and I hope I’ll be receiving more in the future. Just a hint here Yuliya ;) 

I met Yuliya during one of the hot and beautiful evenings and we decided we’d choose the local fields and paths for the photoshoot. Strangely, although very close to where I live, I hadn’t been to this part of our estate… There was an idea in mind and we both knew what we wanted to achieve from the images: that warm yet atmospheric look that captures the golden hour light, and of course the expressions to go with Yuliya’s creative writing. 

Looking at the pictures we both feel we managed to capture exactly what we were after: a free spirit enwrapped in natural light. Exactly the way Yuliya’s creative writing is.

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