Vikki and Dale Engagement shoot

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Dale and Vikki at the Stanwick Lake last weekend. Dale comes from Kansas, US and it has been interesting to hear stories and interpretations of our reality from someone from that part of the world. I’m hungry for more! Vikki then, a natural, seamless and with great sense of humour and approach, a teacher every student would appreciate. What a great couple you are! I can’t wait to be part of your big day VERY soon:)

Zoe and Andrew Wedding

You’d be hard pressed to find more of a gentleman than in the modest yet very honest and open person of Andrew. His sense of humour and lightness he opens up to conversations with have been a joy to experience. Zoe truly is a lucky girl here! :)

As for Zoe, one must meet her to understand how nice it is to spend time in her company, from the very first coffee and cake:) We met in the morning for preparations and I couldn’t believe how relaxed and ‘ready’ she was, a true mademoiselle anticipating the beautiful ceremony and reception which has been arranged to take place in the Angel Hotel, Market Harborough. The wedding ceremony then commenced with a magical and modest reception for closest friends and family among whom many shared a few laughs in between shots.

Zoe and Andrew, you are a truly magical and perfect couple. Thank you for entrusting me in documenting your day. I’m so happy we’ve met!

Jade and Ben Engagement shoot

They’ve greeted me with such energy and openness I knew from the very first moment this would be a great adventure. We kept on having laughs whilst shooting photos which both kept on coming naturally. Heavens opened for us as well and the afternoon was lit beautifully at the Embankment site in Bedford where the shoot took place. Both natural, walking, talking and even dancing with such poise it left me wanting nothing more. What a brilliant couple! Thank you Jade and Ben! I truly can’t wait to be part of your wedding next year!

A night with Jimmy Bullard

Most recent assignment has taken me to Northampton’s Radisson where the lucky guests who got their hands on tickets for the night were to meet the one and only Jimmy Bullard, most notably Hull and Fulham’s midfielder. The night commenced with photos of the guests with Jimmy and then a set of performances and auctions in order to raise awareness of the Neuroblastoma Cancer, a terminal disease causing 100 deaths in children every year. Please do take time to have a look at the 2 websites devoted to this cancer here and here.

Special thanks go to Chris, the charity representative who lost his daughter due to Neuroblastoma Cancer, and who continuously fights to raise awareness of the disease, raise money for research and help affected families. Huge thanks go to James Wager, the events organiser without whom the night would not have happened. James can be seen in one of the photos below with Jimmy. And of course thanks go to all those who donated, took active part in the auctions as well as those who presented the auction memorabilia. A truly successful night for the charity and all gathered.

Looking forward to the next events!

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