Nicole&Nathan at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Nicole and Nathan are one of those couples you simply can’t get enough of being around. They instantly captivate with their positive energy, stories of international travel (, yeah, remember those?) and of course future plans, which include spending their time together to the fullest! I’m hooked! And I can’t wait to document their love story further on their wedding day this August!

We met at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire for Nicole and Nathan’s pre-wedding shoot to begin telling their tale with images I’m super happy with as they captivate how these two are truly meant for each other. Met between two storms that recently hit the UK, we were lucky enough to escape the strong wind and were blessed with gorgeous morning light which painted greatly on the canvas of the park.

I really can’t wait to meet you both again Nicole and Nathan! You radiate beautiful energy and I’m buzzing for your Big Day this summer!

Megan&Michael Wedding at the Three Swans, Market Harborough

Welcome back to this new and exciting time! 2022 is here and the only way is forward with new memories to document, precious moments to record and new friendships to make! Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a busy and beautifully memorable wedding season last year, which made me realise the blog section hasn’t been updated for a while. And so, this is officially the first post for wedding photography in 2022 and I couldn’t be more honoured to share it. This time, it’s Megan & Michael, aka Jimmy, who tied the knot locally in Market Harborough at the Three Swans Hotel, which as a venue is a perfect all in one, centrally located spot. I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding day reportage from the details of the set up of rooms all the way through the evening celebrations. I think it must be said that the Three Swans Hotel staff did an amazing job making sure the place not only looked beautiful but also made the whole day run smooth. In fact, when I talked to Megan later in the evening, we couldn’t believe how chilled and relaxed everything went, exactly what her and Jimmy wanted from the day.

The day wouldn’t be complete with a number of conversations I had with guests and family, which helped in making real and valuable connections for a true wedding day photography portraiture. And this includes kids who absolutely stole the show on the dance floor at the late stage of the celebrations! What an amazing wedding day and party overall!

I couldn’t be more honoured to document Megan & Jimmy’s wedding and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again to deliver their memories imprinted in their wedding album. Congratulations both and, once again to everyone, Happy New 2022!


Wedding Venue: Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough

Wedding Photography Market Harborough:

Jade&Ryan Wedding I Woodlands

WOW! What just happened? But hang on, let’s rewind…

I met Jade and Ryan at the Buddhist Centre in Thornby in spring of 2019 to talk about their wedding day, back then at the planning stages. Then Covid came and the plans were moved forward but as I’ve found over these past two months we all but soldier on and never give up. So many weddings might have been delayed but at the end of the day, love conquers all and impacts with an enormous force empowering people with new hopes and strength to fulfil their dreams… I digress. Jade and Ryan, right, where were we? Ah! Spring, 2019, Thornby. Early stages:) What I was instantly hooked on was how much these two travel! And I think it was what connected us together; the adventures of seeing, experiencing, feeling, observing, even smelling what’s beyond the horizons. I couldn’t live without travel and Jade&Ryan are the same. Then there’s their passion and love for music. Music I didn’t know and got to listen to broadening my horizons. It actually reminded me of a story back when I was a teenager and a friendship with a Canadian girl I met whilst attending a language camp back in Europe. Good times! :) 

We carried on talking at the meeting for a good hour and I felt like we barely just started. I was so happy when Jade got in touch with me after seeing other photographers as well about their wedding and decided to book me. I really felt there was a vibe and a connection with these two and I couldn’t be more honoured to capture their memories. 

We met then months later, in autumn at Harlestone Firs Forest in Northamptonshire for the pre-wedding shoot and to catch the fading vibrance of the brown and orange foliage serving as a background to their time together. And what a blast that was! It was a bit like seeing people you’ve known for a long time and jumped straight into the conversation, sharing more than few laughs and thoughts on all cosmic matter. I go back to past couples’ photos sometimes and I’ve got a feeling that that session will be a frequent stop. Check out more information about the walk in the forest here and to visit a blog story from that shoot click here.

And then this brings us to Jade&Ryan’s Big Day at the Woodlands in Hothorpe, one of my favourite local venues, which provides an amazing setting for both the ceremony as well as reception. You can’t beat it! But then again I was up for a surprise because Jade has been a busy bee… :) Jade was interested in a certain colour palette I very much embraced and was happy to edit in. I think it suits the story, the location and the atmosphere of a wedding at the Woodlands really well, giving off that magic of fine art and reminiscent of film photography. I couldn’t be happier with the results and now, holding the printed album from the day in my hand, I cannot escape but to think that this must have been one of the best wedding stories told through my photographs. Click on the images below to view them full screen. They do deserve that.

There are certain stories that you go back to in order to find a special kind of zen, fulfilment, joy and admiration in people who are part of them. I strongly feel that Jade and Ryan are those and I can’t believe how lucky I was to be able to document their wedding. I stop and think “Wow! What just happened?”. And then I’m drawn into one of the most magical moments I have ever experienced. And for that, I will always be grateful and honoured.


 Pre-wedding shoot location: Firs Forest walk

The First Meeting place: Buddhist Centre Thornby

Wedding photography: Promenade Studios

Wedding Venue: The Woodlands, Howthorpe

Best of 2021 so far!

We’re still deep into 2021 Wedding Season, which is not over yet! Here are some of the most celebrated moments so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Recent testimonial: Jade&Ryan

My husband and I found Mike looking through Instagram for photographers local to the area in which we were getting married. Impressed with Mike’s work we arranged a meeting to take a look through his portfolio and ask questions. We quickly we realised that Mike was the right photographer for us, we clicked instantly and he was so incredibly professional and patient with my hundreds of questions and Pinterest photos! When COVID struck at no point did we have any concerns, he was supportive and in touch putting our minds at rest the whole time. Just under a year before the wedding we met up with Mike for our engagement shoot. We had the best day! Chatting about travel, music and odd experiences. As quite awkward in front of the camera I cannot explain how nervous I was for this shoot but I needn’t have been, it didn’t feel like the spotlight was on us at all, Mike’s instructions were clear and felt natural not overly posed but resulted in fantastic images. Mikes attention to colours and details is absolutely incredible and we were absolutely thrilled with our engagement shoot photos. Fast forward to the wedding day. Mike arrived early morning and honestly seeing him arrive with a big smile helped me to feel calmer for the day. He beautifully captured our day in its entirety and without us even realising he was there at times! We flew through group photos with ease (we even managed to sneak Mike into one) and the couple photos were absolutely stunning. But what really struck us about Mike is how many of our guests have stated how incredible he was on the day. Guests have said how funny, engaging and present Mike was throughout the whole of the day. You can see just how much devotion he gives to each wedding to make it bespoke and be fully immersed in your special day, and this just added to the beautiful photos we have received. You can see how calm, relaxed and natural everyone looks. We cannot possibly recommend Mike as a photographer enough - absolutely incredible!

Laura & Phil Wedding, Hothorpe Hall, Northamptonshire

I first met Laura and Phil in person at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire for their pre-wedding shoot on a very hot day. It was quite funny that we instantly found each other at a rather busy car park but things couldn’t have been any different as they both radiate such energy that I simply knew and thought “Yep, that’s gotta be them:)”. And boy, what a great time we had! We strolled around the park looking for shade and shared a few laughs whilst talking travel (, remember that anyone? :), ) and future plans. 

And then on their wedding day I couldn’t help but feel so lucky and honoured that I could document their love. And again, right from the very first moments you could feel that magic in the air, surrounded by the loved and close ones, who have proved to be such a joyful and delightful bunch. Laura and Phil chose Hothorpe Hall, Northamptonshire for their wedding reception followed by a beautiful and really touching ceremony at St. Nicholas Church in Market Harborough, both of which created a memorable and amazing canvas to documenting their story.

As I await the delivery of their wedding album, here are some of the pictures taken on the day. Laura, Phil, thank you so much for letting me photograph your love and I can’t wait to see you again to pass on your wedding album to you:)

Venue: Hothorpe Hall, Northamptonshire

Ceremony Church: St Nicholas, Market Harborough

Photography: Promenade Studios Wedding Photography, Mike Leski.

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