Update: The whole article including technical and cultural aspects of the trip have been very gratefully featured on FujiLove here - please head there for more examples and to read the full story.

During my recent trip to Italy I had a chance to re-charge a bit and revisit places both well known and new. Italy feels like a second home. For many reasons. I have had a chance to take a different look at it this time though, not focusing on soaking up the sun, rather on quite opposite. Because it wasn’t sunny I saw a different country and towns this time. And I liked it. The colours felt different and opportunities for black and white photography were many. Following inspiration from FujiLove and taking it back to one of my favourite movies ”Palermo Shooting” for the colour photography I was decided on the “look” of the photos. It was such a great escape from a busy life and a great pause just before and oncoming busy wedding photography season. Hope the photos are enjoyed. The battery certainly has been recharged and good memories created stay.

Pro friends and lazy Sunday

What better way to spend a weekend than to mix with fellow pros, encounter stars, meet heroes (David Bailey) in person and get to try new gear. For the first time also accompanied by my favourite person in the world, my son Milosz, we enjoyed a day full of passion, drone flying, testing and mixing with others. 2 more days if anyone’s up for it, highly recommend it to both enthusiasts/pros and  amateurs.

Baby photo shoot - Leonardo

The wind and rain outside almost took trees but it didn’t touch us as we played with Leonardo. Kelly and Michael, friends whose wedding I shot in 2012, have now enjoyed 3 months of what they say is a brand new world to them and which they love and adore every minute of. I’ve been so happy to have them in front of my lens again. Hopefully not the last time:)

Baby photo shoot with Emma, Simon and Leo.

With Christmas fast approaching what better setting for a baby photo shoot than the comfort of their home; a place warming up with festive spirit, laughter and the joy of experiencing smiles of Leo, our today’s hero:) 

I’ve known Emma for a while now and I felt really happy to hear she’s enjoying time off work, where we met in 2010/2011 in Kettering (? :) ) And seeing her spending time with her gorgeous son Leo and, extremely natural in creating a fantastic atmosphere husband Simon, made me enjoy every minute of our meeting today. What a lovely catch up and time spent! Thank you all three sooooooo much!!!

Requiem to Autumn

This year has truly been spoiling us, photographers or not, with beautiful colours, temperatures and, if you managed to wake up for the morning Golden Hour, magnificence of light and haze. As we move on and notice what’s happening outside of our windows here’s a short requiem to some of the colours and moments I’l cherish this year. Welcome winter! :)

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