Power wheelchair fundraiser - YOUR PHOTOS FOR FREE!

I reflect on myself when I look into my 11-year-old son’s eyes. I see him thrive, make friends, challenge his condition and it gives me strength and energy to soldier on. Like he does. Like I never thought I would be able to…

We recently received news that the organisation which was to provide a power wheelchair for Milosz won’t be able to due to inevitable shortages after the COVID-19 pandemic. The wheelchair, as Milosz moves onto secondary school in September is to provide him with independence and let him move by himself. Plus, his old manual wheelchair isn’t suitable for him any more and Milosz is too weak to self-propel himself. 

So then, and as we often do, we decided not to give up and fight for one with the help of family and friends and received an amazing response for which we remain forever grateful! I want to thank everyone and each who donated individually for your amazing generosity and help! Where would we be without you? 

I am so happy we have you and want to give a special mention to Stanley, Milosz’s friend who decided to run his own “gofundme” page in order to raise funds by running a mile per day for the next 26 days. Stanley, you’re our hero! We are so grateful Milosz has a friend in You! Thank You and Your family so very much! 

The power wheelchair Milosz requires costs over £11000 and we’re amazed to see we’ve received over £1000 already. But we must keep going in order to reach our goal. 

If you’d like to help and contribute please note:


Whether family, friends or documenting something, I’ll be there to deliver your memories in return for your contributions, which you decide how much they will be.
If you’d like to take up on this offer please get in touch with me by clicking here. And to learn more about Milosz’s condition, his bravery and our fundraiser please click here

Thank you all in advance for doing your bit! We send our love and eternal appreciation! 


Michael, Monika, Lena and Milosz. Oh, and Sherman, the dog:) 

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