Scarecrow Festival I Lubenham, Market Harborough

This has become somewhat of a regular affair these past years and both I and kids love it lots! The scarecrows are back with their authors topping their imagination limits in this year’s creations of figures which ironically attract more than scare away. Well, at least us that is. 

I first went to the festival in Lubenham, Market Harborough 5 years ago and it has ever since grown with more stands offering local art, delicious food and unusual activities amongst which my favourite has got to be throwing heavy balls into unwanted porcelain pieces. Oh yeah, I’m allowed once a year surely:) 

Then there’s the chill in the air, coming both from the air as autumn approaches fast and from the local people who always smile back at you freely and in a friendly way. What’s not to like? 

The Scarecrow Festival runs every year usually during the second week of September. Be sure to check it out. Oh, and don’t be scared. It’s all about having fun! :)  

Emma & Leighton Wedding, Three Swans Market Harborough

There is nothing better in the whole wide world than to see two devoted, in love and devotion people dedicated to each other completely. On the day in the middle of the rainy early summer season we’ve been experiencing, it really and truly didn’t matter what the colour of the sky was because of the atmosphere and emotions that filled the day with another, special kind of colours. 

Emma, minimalist by nature and creative by talent, stole the show with her natural and radiant beauty and feather-light approach from taking it easy during preparations to getting those shy ones on the dance floor. A truly kind soul with a natural type of lightness about her. And then Leighton, forever helpful, organised and always open to conversation which never runs without ease and good-vibes flow. 

Last but not least, the Three Swans, a local venue which staff had taken all the steps in prepping and delivering a wonderful, joyful and memorable event.
Emma and Leighton, thank you for letting me tell your story through the photographic medium. I enjoyed having you in front of my lens and I’m looking forward to next time!   

Rebecca and Sam’s Wedding I Chequers’ Inn, Woolsthorpe

I’m sure we all woke up that day excited and anticipating what there was to come. But sometimes you’re never ready for real fireworks blast the wedding day can serve. And this, in short, what Rebecca and Sam’s wedding day was like. Fireworks! From start to finish… 

Rebecca and Sam are one of those people you can’t help but relax with, share moments, laughter and your life with at ease. They looked absolutely stunning on the wedding day and I couldn’t get enough of documenting their magical wedding. Both presented grace, elegance and beauty beyond compare and engaged in relaxing with guests and in the party with some amazing moves on the dance floor. It’s great to see and document when one marries his true love, a friend, a soul mate. And this is exactly what happened at the Chequers’ Inn, Woolsthorpe on that day. 

With special thanks to Glen McKenna Photography for shooting alongside. Check his portfolio on social media: @glenmckennaphotography

Emma&Leighton I Engagement Session

I love making connections. Real connections with real people telling real stories. And that’s something we did on a fantastic morning at the Thornby Buddhist Centre with Emma and Leighton as the early hours’ sun rays hit us in this fantastic and natural setting. The grounds of the Buddhist Centre are simply stunning! Not only for photography but primarily to deep-dive into yourself, to escape whatever drags you down, and to enjoy nature unspoilt, wild and immensely at ease… 

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Emma and Leighton who were really open and keen on sharing both their creative, as well as down-to-earth life activities. Big plans are on the way and I’m looking forward to seeing where their love journey takes them as they are the ones who grasp life by the head and really go for it! Emma and Leighton you are truly inspirational and your positive energy keeps people happy! Keep it up then and I can’t wait to see you on your Wedding Day in June!:)

The Angel Hotel Wedding I Owen&Zoe

There is some magic to seeing the skies open and the sun shining bright on a wedding day… It all started quietly with the closest family members and friends helping with preparations of the Angel Hotel ceremonial room, a local wedding venue in Market Harborough. Modest yet inviting, the rooms were decorated with elements reminiscing the local tradition and activities loved by Owen and Zoe, such as the longboats, florals as well as spring and its blossoms. The ceremony commenced with some beautiful readings from two family members and this was truly touching as they really referred to the core of feelings of love and changes that marriage goes through. An ode to experience and passion for love. 

The day hasn’t gone without a few laughs from a group of friends I instantly named “Team Cake” due to their devoted indulgence in the sweets served as well as fighting the sun and posing groups really quickly to capture them when the sun hid behind clouds and spared hitting faces causing unflattering expressions. All this would not be possible without the two bridesmaids, Sam and Robin, who remembered group sets to be put together perfectly. You girls rock! 

And then there was the first dance which left everyone speechless! Who knew this modest and quiet two lovely people had what it takes to leave people to pick their jaws from the floor in amazement! The turns, the poise, the kiss at the end… It was a perfect package, to sum up, the day, which I am so grateful Owen and Zoe entrusted me to record. Thank You both so much! You belong together and let Your love shine and evolve! Forever!

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