Tessa& Chris I Disney Inspired Wedding

Getting to know Tessa&Chris was one of the more interesting experiences in what I do. All couples are extraordinary to me - and I remember them for various things - but these two and the passion they share for each other has been blissful to witness with some notable extras. First things first, they’re both teachers and I gotta say I wouldn’t mind my children being looked after them; they’re THAT warm and lovely and caring, and many more things…

But then there comes something I’ll come back to when thinking about their wedding, something Tessa confessed to when we first met; her passion for all things “Winnie the Pooh” in particular and Disney overall. This made it somewhat personal to me as I remember reading A.A. Milne’s book on many occassions, repeatedly and passionately admiring how much wisdom there was, hidden amidst the story of an inostensible bear who constantly trips over himself producing memorable and humorous truths, with the other characters to accompany him, whose personalities we can all relate to in one way or another. I’ve always been tigger btw ;)

Returnig to the book for this blog story, I’ve found some quotes, which I thought suit Tessa&Chris’ story exactly. Here’s the first one:

“I’ve found somebody just like me. I thought I was the only one of them.”

―Tigger, A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

Yep, that one has THEM written all over. Those who know, know ;)

And then there’s this one, a simple one that covers the whole day, the wedding itself and brilliant relations, respect and love I’ve noticed friends and family members shared:

“After all, one can’t complain. I have my friends.”

—Eeyore, Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne

Aren’t we truly lucky if we can say and feel the same? 

Then finally there’s my favourite one, connected with what I religiously repeat to my kids as mantra to lead a happy and fulfilled life. And I live by it:

“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.”

Winnie the Pooh, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh (2011)

Whilst some give it a miss because they might feel it’s to plain for them, alas on the surface only though, I think there’s huge power and true love that encapsules the stories of Winnie the Pooh as well as other characters in various Disney tales. And I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sit back, relax and relate oneself to them more, especially during these crazy times we live in today. Tessa and Chris reminded me of that. And their passion as well as love continues to inspire. 

After all, we’re all just after a bit of honey in our lives… 

Thank you Tessa and Chris for allowing me to dive back into my childhood memories and remember teenage conversations with myself. And oh, of course as well, to document Your love and the Big Day! :)


Ceremony Venue: St Cuthbert Church, Great Glen

Reception Venue: The Falcon Hotel, Uppingham

Wedding Photogrpaher: www.promenadestudios.com

Jazz&Toby Wedding I Market Harborough Golf Club

July brought several weddings I’ll remember very well. For this blog story, it’s Jazz&Toby whose wedding I was honoured to document. Jazz&Toby met each other at the local park run a while ago and the spark quite visibly never went out as they continue to look into each others’ eyes with that special kinda magic; one I’d wish for everyone to experience in their lives. They decided to tie the knot at a lovely, intimate and local St. Nicholas Church in Little Bowden, Market Harborough (- one of my favourites locally -) and the weather continued to positively surprise throughout the day, providing beautiful and easy to work with light to capture those precious memories the couple shared with their friends and family.

We then moved to the Market Harborough Golf Club, which I haven’t visited in a while. However, I really think it’s a hidden gem locally and should definitely be considered for small and medium weddings. Moreover, I gotta mention the staff! Oh man! I haven’t seen people move so fast, maybe minus the Olympics 😉 - from start to finish the young people whom I saw there were unbelievable! What a great service!

Jazz&Toby’s wedding had it all: an amazing ceremony with one of the most beautiful sermons I’ve ever heard, jolly parents, lovely friends, again, great staff and venue, great speeches, awesome-looking cake and brilliant first dance followed by a fun boogie late into the night. And the sparkles, how could I forget! Both in their eyes as well as those lit for the light tunnel photos at the end. Ka-Pow! What a great wedding!

Thank you Jazz&Toby for letting me capture Your love! 


Wedding Ceremony Venue: St Nicholas, Little Bowden, Market Harborough

Wedding Venue: Market Harborough Golf Club

Photography: Promenade Studios Wedding Photographer, Market Harborough (and beyond 😉 )   

Jasmine & Andy Wedding at the Winstanley House, Leicester

The day was finally here and it was a long time coming! Andy and Jasmine had their wedding day postponed twice and then, third time lucky, they were finally able to vow each other’s eternal love and commitment at a beautiful setting of the Winstanley House and gardens in Leicester. 

 But it doesn’t just stop there! I can’t remember a day like this in May; the thermometer recorded 26 degrees at its peak time and the pastel wedding setting outdoors looked absolutely stunning for the two to celebrate and enjoy their time with their loved ones. What an amazing and truly honouring experience it was to document your love story! 

Andy and Jaz, your love is energising, empowering and leaves people lusting for more! More love, more devotion, more motivation to take it all in, never for granted, and continuously to strive to be a better person for one another. Thank you so much for everything YOU! It’s going to be one I’ll remember for years to come!

Tessa&Chris I The Burghley House, Stamford

Magic tree - engagement, elopement photo shoot

What do Winnie the Pooh, a magical tree and a strange question about a very ill cat all have got in common? Well, introducing Tessa and Chris, a couple of teachers who melt hearts with their fiery yet gentle and affectionate personas, unbelievably contagious laughter and patience with my compulsive talking - you have been warned :) Add to that a beautiful golden hour sunset at the Burghley House, Stamford and we’ve got ourselves memories beautifully captured within some of the most beautiful surroundings in the midlands. A win win! 

Tessa and Chris’ pre-wedding session at the Burghley House occured on a very warm, early summer evening. I’ve been to that area before however I never explored the indoors of the House, which I’m assured, are worth a look. For their photo shoot, I’ve walked with Tessa and Chris around the main site ith hust over an hour to photograph their love story. I think I’ve got it! You see, these two are huge fans of “Winnie the Pooh” and so we were on a lookout for the theme of a tree, amongst other spots providing a magical setting to show their emotions. And then we’ve found not one but a number of them, my favourite being the one starting the set below. 

So, what about that ill cat question? Well, that’s me being silly and confusing Tessa and Chris with people I also met in January, who have told me how their ill cat almost bankrupted them. But that’s a story for another time… :)
Here’s Tessa and Chris at the Burghley House, Stamford. I seriously can’t wait to document their love further on the day coming this July!

Jasmine & Andy I Elopement

We go a waaaay back, it seems! I met Jasmine and Andy in 2018 when our paths crossed for the first time. The celebration of their love was to take place in 2020 but inevitably the universe had a different idea about what was to be then current status quo. But we soldiered on, survived and ultimately came out stronger than ever! Over the past months it has been quite empowering to see couples I had met before the pandemic hit. And Jasmine and Andy are a shining example of what “stronger” is. To say that the connection I saw between them is still there would be a massive understatement. They’re connected through a different type of energy altogether, they’re buzzing like a wire packed with high-volt amps! And it was showing even when I photographed their solo portraits - somehow the other one outside of the frame is still in the image… 

For their pre-wedding photo shoot we met on a road Andy often took with his dad and brothers when they were young, I learnt. Having been given just sat nav location to the spot I actually thought I was lost! But then I looked around and the area captivated me a bit - it must be here, I thought. And of course it was; an early spring, winter-fading scene setting that set the canvas to the photographs you can see below. The weather almost played ball but it was just another factor and conditions people like Jasmine and Andy don’t pay attention to - because they’re focused on the goal, on themselves, on their love. And this is what makes them fearless! I’m all in and can’t wait to document their wedding this May!

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