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Fuji X Masters Special Edition Magazine Feature

Following my recent trip to Barcelona, among other projects which I’m trying to work on these days, I was contacted by one of my favourite Photography magazines, Fuji X Passion. Mauricio and Hugo, based in Portugal and both of whom have been running the online space as well as the magazine for a fantastic source of inspiration, reviews and work asked me whether I’d like to be featured in this special edition of the Fuji X Masters Travel just released online (, link here). Well, duh and Hell Yeah! I am so happy to see that the photos I had the pleasure of taking not only have been appreciated but to be set against others who have truly kicked the ball out of the park with their quality and passion! 

I am speechless and enjoyed both viewing and reading the articles composed of thoughts of like-minded fellow travellers who are dedicated to telling visual stories in a way I haven’t seen before. 

Thank you so much, Hugo and Mauricio and I’m looking forward to our future collaboration! 

To download the special travel edition of the Fuji X Masters magazine click here

For Fuji X Passion online magazine are click here

Street&Travel Photography in Barcelona

Following up from the recent post about a model shoot in Catalunya, here I am again reporting on the city’s streets, places both known and less so to bring Barcelona closer to your eyes and to present some of its people. 

No matter where I go, I have always been a believer in the saying that the place is made by its people so this time around I decided to photograph up close more often than I’m used to. This meant approaching subjects and asking them for permission to be photographed which I found a pleasing experience at the end of the day as I learnt a lot about their lives. From Pedro, one of the restaurant’s chefs to Sergey, a musician and traveller with a story or two to tell, to Geoff and Stewart, a couple of still active but resting businessmen travelling together, there was always a conversation to be had. And an interesting one at that! Therefore, it was approximately ten minutes of chat after I asked the question ”Can I take your portrait?” until I did. 

Other than people, you can’t really avoid taking photographs of Barcelona’s fabulous architecture. I find it hard to describe. Fluid, rough in places, bizarre, engaging and thought-provoking, every corner is filled with opportunities to take it all in one piece at a time. And it’s exactly what it made me do. If only the images captured below could express fully what it felt like… 

Barcelona l Model Shoot

During October I always tend to stop for just a bit and take the opportunity to do something different, new and exciting yet still connected with photography. As it happens, it was a coincidence of two things merging: catching up with friends and family plus producing material for Barcelona street and travel photography reportage.

Spending the first two days with my niece Karolina, who has had some experience with modelling, was great fun, especially that we hadn’t seen each other for such a long time. It was so fun to shoot together too because there was no ice to break, and a lot of laughter so if anyone was to ask me how to improve their portraiture game I’d say “practice on your friends and family”. 

Apart from that, there was the city itself. Barcelona is an amazing setting for photography and I was lucky to have it all, both the cloudy and soft days with an opportunity to produce some interesting monochrome outputs as well as the sunny days with a lot of colours to focus on and play around with. The images below have been taken with Karolina posing at different times of the day and at different locations including Parc Guell, the Gothic Quarter, the Marina and around the La Rambla.  

Up next on the blog, Barcelona street photography. Stay tuned and p.s. always keep your hands in your pockets, it’s true what they say about the pickpocketers who are quite literally everywhere. 


Autumn at the Bradgate Park

Inspiration can and comes from different directions. As I await my trip to Barcelona to report on the recent events on location, my short holiday starts with a morning at Bradgate Park, Leicester where I shot twice this year so far.
In case you haven’t been yet, Bradgate Park offers around 300 hectares of unspoilt Leicestershire countryside with rutting deer and engaging autumn colours, perfect for wildlife and landscape photography. Having said that I found it to be one of the best locations for engagement shoots as well and will be coming back here both in winter and the next busy wedding season. 

Here are just a few images shot this weekend.   

With special thanks to S.P. Williams who continues to inspire with his landscape photography. Many thanks S.P.W.!

Scarecrow Festival I Lubenham, Market Harborough

This has become somewhat of a regular affair these past years and both I and kids love it lots! The scarecrows are back with their authors topping their imagination limits in this year’s creations of figures which ironically attract more than scare away. Well, at least us that is. 

I first went to the festival in Lubenham, Market Harborough 5 years ago and it has ever since grown with more stands offering local art, delicious food and unusual activities amongst which my favourite has got to be throwing heavy balls into unwanted porcelain pieces. Oh yeah, I’m allowed once a year surely:) 

Then there’s the chill in the air, coming both from the air as autumn approaches fast and from the local people who always smile back at you freely and in a friendly way. What’s not to like? 

The Scarecrow Festival runs every year usually during the second week of September. Be sure to check it out. Oh, and don’t be scared. It’s all about having fun! :)  

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