Fuji X-Passion Best of.

In 2011 I got enchanted. It was the retro looks and the appeal to being “unnoticed” with a small factor camera that drew me to it, it must be said, but also the fact that the company that produced this gorgeous looking thing had been on the market for a very long time. And they rocked! And they still do! It was the original Fujifilm x100 that I took that year to Italy and I must say nothing before had frustrated me more. The autofocus in particular which made me appreciate every shot I actually did get due to the fact it was such a hit and miss. But then I got back and put the images on my computer. And… My God was I in for a treat! The colours AND black and whites were (and still are) simply impossible to reproduce with other brands. Fast forward to 2017 and the autofocus is on-par, if not better in some cases, than other manufacturers, the brilliance of the “old” Fuji look for colour and black and white simulation is still there AND I’m lighter and more flexible without carrying a huge set all over the event. A winning formula? I certainly believe so, especially in providing professional wedding photography where quality is the first and most important factor for me. Any camera is capable of taking great pictures. But this one makes it easier. And there’s still a happy face when culling images later when on the computer.

A full review of the Fuji system will follow here on the blog but just wanted to shine a bit by being mentioned in the magazine titled Fuji X Passion. Even if not a Fuji shooter I’d recommend it to anyone looking to develop their skills and searching for inspiration. It’s a massive thank you to Fuji X Passion mag for the mention too! Thanks guys! 

In love with the wedding preparations

There’s something about them… The music playing somewhere from another room, the jewelry and attire laid out and ready, the anticipation and thoughts of “have I got it all covered” every minute, the jokes flowing in and stories of both awkward and happy past events unfolding right before you. There’s only one time during the day when all of this is happening and in telling the full story of a wedding, I find it essential. You can’t beat the wedding bridal and the party preparations! And you certainly cannot underestimate the power and energy they bring in. I swear by them and love documenting them. The short set below is from a recent wedding of Dan and Lianne that took place in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. And what a beginning to the day this was! 

Stephen&Jodi I Abbey Park, Leicester

Jodi and Stephen came to the Abbey Park in Leicester for the very first time for their pre-wedding shoot. And me, although for the second time only, this one was definitely the better visit. Charged with positive energy to stop late afternoon winds and scatter the clouds, Stephen, Jodi and Alice, their little girl, strolled around effortlessly posing for shots, playing and relaxing in the setting which makes me remember this afternoon extremely well. Thank you Jodi and Stephen for a truly awesome Saturday! See you soon at your wedding!

Dan & Lianne at Foxton Locks

For their pre-wedding session Dan and Lianne chose a popular location this early summer, the Foxton Locks and from the very first moments, we instantly have been so energised by their energy and openness. Both have been so relaxed during the session and as we wandered around the area we couldn’t help but enjoy the conversations, the laughter, the weather and the wonderful atmosphere. 

We’re very much looking forward to the wedding this coming July! For more of those two and their fantastic contagious aura. Thank you, Lianne and Dan, for making us our choice for your memory recorders. See you again so very soon! :)


“All you need is love” so “Let it be…”

If there’s someone whom you’d want to share your Beatles and all things 60s &70s fascination then Hollie is the one. And it transcends magically through her personality which has been a joy to experience. And then along comes Kev, one of the coolest and warmest guys you can ever meet, as so truthfully expressed by his best man in his speech.

Hollie and Kev have decided to exchange their “I do’s” at the Wicksteed Park in Kettering, which many would know of it being a popular theme park of Northamptonshire. And it all came together beautifully for them: from the magic of preparations to the location, the love and warmth of their family and friends, a touching moment of their conversation with Kevin’s grandmother who turned 95 shortly after the wedding, all the way through the touching and warm speeches, the cutting of the wedding cake and finally the first dance as the newly wedded Mr and Mrs Tasker.

It was truly an awesome wedding and thank you, Hollie and Kev for allowing me to be your photographer for one of the most special moments in your lives! It truly was an amazing experience!

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