Abi&Scott Wedding, Newalk Leicester

Entering the galleries and works of art of the Newalk Museum in Leicester was quite an experience. It has been a while since I visited last time but was equally captivated with this sublime venue. With the newly renovated stairway and expositions, which we used as the backdrops later on during the day, the museum shines as both a wedding venue and a tourist attraction of the Midlands.

The day kicked off with a myriad of jokes, stories and beautiful details that adorned the surroundings and people involved right from the start. If you knew Abi and Scott you’d know you’re in for a treat as their company, energy and aura makes people feel at ease and the photographs simply unfolding from the moments they created left me very not only pleased with the story of their wedding day but wondering about how extraordinary it is to see people so much in love and meant for one another… 

So here it is, the wedding story of Abi&Scott. People who belong together and joined by fate. Thank you so much for letting me document your love story!

Saal-Digital Photo Book Review

What’s it all about?

Quality is without a doubt something we, wedding photographers, desire most from our albums and photo book providers. Having photographed weddings and portraiture for over ten years I have come across both big names and niche companies and experimented with both of these for professional and personal use. Recently I have been asked to review a photo book from Saal Digital, a relatively new player in the game and admittedly, I was in for a treat. The photo book and its quality are excellent. I am very satisfied with the results my photos appeared in the printed work and will describe both the process of design as well as why I think so in this blog entry.

The design process:

First, there’s the design of the photo book itself. I have used the software from Saal Digital themselves here and I must admit it was a doddle. If you have used a design software for printing before, whether from Apple (Aperture - yes, the good old days:-), Adobe (inDesign) or any other company before you’ll be familiar with its tools in no time as the layout, the options, as well as the interface itself, presents the familiar tools right where you’d expect them. The software allows you complete freedom in your creative making process but if you’re new to the whole “designing-your-own-photo-book” world, Saal has you covered with a plethora of templates and the ability to layout photos for you. Having said that though, you will not be overwhelmed with those, as it often can be the case with other companies. A plus then here for both professionals and enthusiasts. 

For the cover page, I have decided to use a very attractive and elegant slate-colored wood grain which only looked better when received and experienced in person. The texture is really appealing and pleasing to the eye with text clear, attractive and minimal. A truly great experience right from the start. Editing and adding text onto the cover page was really easy, though I have had some trouble previewing it right from the edit - perhaps I was doing something wrong or maybe I was used to my usual method? This, however, can (and should) be tested when exporting to PDF, which the software also allows you to do as well. Any potential Blurb converts out there? N.B. Seriously, if one hasn’t done it before this step is REALLY important to ensure what you’re sending off to print is exactly what you want…

Then there’s the editing of the pages and arranging photographs process itself. I have decided to go my own way completely, my usual routine, as I find that every shoot is different, therefore different layouts will serve different purposes. The software from Saal was really helpful here too! I have found “snapping” and “rulers/grids” options (built right into the design process and the interface) a must have for other packages. Well done Saal! So simple yet unexplored by some. On the flip side, a couple of times the images used in the book design process did not flag up as “used” and I had to triple check that there are no duplicates. No biggie, right? Remember what’s been previously said about exporting to PDF before sending it off? Check. All in all then, good so far.

The product:

The photo book chosen itself was matte paper. I like textures and have a soft spot (no pun intended) for that classic film photography look therefore always edit the amount of grain onto my photographs. This works really well in print, which is why photos should always be printed in my opinion as we still remember and carry that fair amount of nostalgia when thinking about our childhood memories enclosed in a number of shoeboxes… I digressed. The quality of the pages themselves is really good. The colours in the photos are spot on and transcend what I’ve intended for the shoot very well indeed. Where things go even better is the monochrome images and unfortunately, the images of the photo book here in this blog don’t do it justice. Here the contrast is very well maintained and complemented by the matte finish of the pages as well as the overall lab calibration of sharpness. Overall then, the images look very good indeed and the paper itself promises to be the keeper of the memories of the day for the years to come.

Ordering through the software and the payment process were both very easy and hassle free. The photo book arrived exactly 2 weeks from the day it was sent to production and the lab, which, in my experience is OK, though ideally, I’d like to receive the product within 7-10 days. Just my usual waiting time…

Final thoughts:

There’s really not much to dislike here if one can say that at all. The images look awesome, the photo book is truly elegant and of high quality and the design process is an easy and rewarding experience, especially for an experienced professional photographer. Overall then, I believe Saal have a really bright future ahead of them in terms of providing high-quality photo albums, and they succeed in overtaking the competition in some respects as well. Thank you again, Saal Digital for the opportunity to review your book. It’s been a pleasure!

Redefining the meaning of love and fate.

Best wedding photography is storytelling. It is observing, being insightful, alert and focused. And it is more. You cannot miss it when it hits you like a lightning from the blue sky or an ocean wave in scorching heat when the two people in front of your lens produce magic you rarely see around your daily life. Forever after, redefined, revisited and preciously cherished with every word, look and gesture. And it might sound banal and somewhat cliche but I am utterly touched by what I experienced at the wedding of Abi and Scott at the Newalk Museum, Leicester, from which the first sneak peeks you can see below. And so here it goes: Abi and Scott, you have redefined what love is and rewrote the meaning of fate for me. And that’s the best observation I have had in years. And it isn’t a photographic one for that matter. Thank you both so very much! Keep glowing and keep your love for You are truly meant for each other!

Fuji X-Passion Best of.

In 2011 I got enchanted. It was the retro looks and the appeal to being “unnoticed” with a small factor camera that drew me to it, it must be said, but also the fact that the company that produced this gorgeous looking thing had been on the market for a very long time. And they rocked! And they still do! It was the original Fujifilm x100 that I took that year to Italy and I must say nothing before had frustrated me more. The autofocus in particular which made me appreciate every shot I actually did get due to the fact it was such a hit and miss. But then I got back and put the images on my computer. And… My God was I in for a treat! The colours AND black and whites were (and still are) simply impossible to reproduce with other brands. Fast forward to 2017 and the autofocus is on-par, if not better in some cases, than other manufacturers, the brilliance of the “old” Fuji look for colour and black and white simulation is still there AND I’m lighter and more flexible without carrying a huge set all over the event. A winning formula? I certainly believe so, especially in providing professional wedding photography where quality is the first and most important factor for me. Any camera is capable of taking great pictures. But this one makes it easier. And there’s still a happy face when culling images later when on the computer.

A full review of the Fuji system will follow here on the blog but just wanted to shine a bit by being mentioned in the magazine titled Fuji X Passion. Even if not a Fuji shooter I’d recommend it to anyone looking to develop their skills and searching for inspiration. It’s a massive thank you to Fuji X Passion mag for the mention too! Thanks guys! 

In love with the wedding preparations

There’s something about them… The music playing somewhere from another room, the jewelry and attire laid out and ready, the anticipation and thoughts of “have I got it all covered” every minute, the jokes flowing in and stories of both awkward and happy past events unfolding right before you. There’s only one time during the day when all of this is happening and in telling the full story of a wedding, I find it essential. You can’t beat the wedding bridal and the party preparations! And you certainly cannot underestimate the power and energy they bring in. I swear by them and love documenting them. The short set below is from a recent wedding of Dan and Lianne that took place in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. And what a beginning to the day this was! 

Using Format