Andrea&Andy | Market Harborough Waterfront Wedding

For Andrea and Andy, their wedding day at the canal side marina in Market Harborough was a day filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments. The intimate ceremony at the Registry Office was followed by a reception at The Waterfront, where the couple and their guests enjoyed a stunning view of the marina.

The custom wedding photography package that Andrea and Andy chose captured every detail of their special day, from the exchange of vows to the toasts and dances at the reception. The historical architecture of the Registry Office provided a picturesque backdrop for photos, while the waterfront setting of the reception venue added a touch of romance to the images.

Thank you, Andrea and Andy, for choosing me to document your beautiful wedding day. It was truly an honour to capture all the special moments and emotions of your love story. I hope you cherish the photos for years to come. Thank you again for trusting me with such an important task. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Warm regards,


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Live&Loud Birthday Celebration | Real Ale Classroom, Leicester

Let’s set the scene first, in case you’re not familiar with the location. Real Ale Classroom, at Leicester’s cultural quarter is one of those hidden gem pubs, with atmospheric interiors and cozy atmosphere. My favourite part - apart from the ales - the huge graffiti you see on the walls just outside the pub. I salute the artist! Wow!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a rock concert birthday celebration at the Real Ale Classroom in Leicester. The atmosphere was electric as soon as I walked in, with music already blaring and people mingling and laughing. The birthday boy, Andy, had spared no expense in creating an unforgettable night for himself and his friends.

The lineup for the night was stellar, with a befriended local band - The Worx - taking the stage and delivering songs that truly moved everyone to jump on the dance floor! They didn’t disappoint, and the audience was screaming and headbanging along to the songs. The lead singer’s vocals were moving, powerful, electric – taking you through the eras with every song!

People were singing along, throwing their fists in the air, and just letting loose. It was a truly unforgettable performance that had everyone in the room on their feet and completely immersed in the music.

In between sets, the birthday boy was treated to enjoying the company of his friends and family – something that’d make anyone somewhat jealous. Andy, you’re truly lucky to have such a great crowd around you! It was clear that he was over the moon with how the night was going, and his friends were ecstatic to be a part of it.

As the night came to a close, everyone left with huge smiles on their faces and memories that would last a lifetime. It was a birthday celebration that truly rocked, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the Easter Sunday night. Happy birthday to Andy, and here’s to many more years of live music and good times!

With special thanks to Ellis&Ellie for recommedning me to their friend, Andy.

Check out Real Ale Classroom, Leicester here and for more info about Leicester’s cultural quarter click here.

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What to wear to a pre-wedding photo shoot?

What to wear to a photo shoot?

Some of my clients are sometimes surprised when they learn that whichever wedding photography package they choose for their big day, a complimentary pre-wedding, elopement photo shoot is included. I love these photo shoots! And it isn’t only because of the beautiful photo moments couples receive on top of their wedding day coverage, but mostly because it is during the pre-wedding photo shoot that we get to know each other, chat, laugh, walk, share experiences and then, by the time the wedding day arrives, we all know what to expect, with all the fine details discussed and run through.

But the idea of a pre-wedding, elopement photo shoot sometimes intimidates couples (I’m looking at you grooms to be 😉 )  as they aren’t sure what to expect, how to pose, how to behave, and I absolutely get all of that – after all, we’re not models and we want to be ourselves always because naturally that’s when we feel most relaxed. And that’s exactly what I aim for when documenting the couples’ love stories. 

But. The pending questions many have is: “What do I wear to a photo shoot?” 

Well, let’s have a look at some tips you might find helpful when preparing to have one, regardless whether you’re a gal or a guy.

Location to guide colour choice

We all have that favourite place where we love to go and unwind. For some it’s a local park, a field, or a canal side walk such as the fabulous Foxton Locks we are blessed to have access to near Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Then, some of use love a beach, the peaks or a little idyllic village hidden away somewhere in the countryside. The characteristic to all of those is that they all have their own original vibe and with that there come the colours they offer. Yet another factor is the season chosen with the location to go in tandem. 

And so, what’s the advice for what to wear here? Well, after you’ve rammed through your wardrobe and decided on what makes you feel most comfortable, think of the palette and, as a couple’s activity which can be quite fun, try to choose the colours you’ll wear together. Think location first, for example: if it is a walk at your favourite park, you’re bound to be surrounded by plenty of green colour and so don’t choose that as you’re likely to disappear in the photos. Maybe that’s an extreme one to give as a first one but you should be thinking ”I want to stand out on the canvas the location provides, though not in a jarring way”. So, following on from that, try a simple google search for a ‘Colour wheel’ and note the colours of the location we agreed on. From there look at the opposite tones and colours and take it from there. However, if possible, avoid striking, vibrant and shouting colours unless your personality manifests it and that’s the message you’d like to communicate. 

Show me what you’re made of, and what makes you, You

I love people and their different personalities. It’s what made me fall for wedding and portrait photography after all. And every time I meet couples, I can’t wait to discover their traits, pet peeves, hobbies, passions and everything else. That then translates into creating portraits that show (and shout) the real You! So, if you’re into tattoos; let’s not hide them, if you’re a petrolhead; let’s incorporate your set of wheels into the shoot, if you love nature; lets focus on your favourite (again) colours and forms. It’s all in all of us, awaiting to be captured and recorded without fuss, stiffness, worrying about what to do and how to behave: simply be You and I’ll do the rest :)

Should I do any research before the shoot?

This is an interesting question I get asked more often than not prior to the elopement/pre-wedding photo shoots. The answer is that there is no harm in it and I welcome ideas with an open mind. Always! But thread carefully there and try not to expect to have your images come out precisely what you might have seen and saved from Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or other social media platform. I want to capture You originally, with complete dedication to Your personality and love you share with your fiancé, not copy others’ work. Again though, I love gathering ideas and discussing them: I do it prior to each pre-wedding shoot anyway so don’t be shy if you’ve found your favourite vibe for our photo shoot and would like to use them as the base for your genuine moments.

Back to clothes – Can I change mid-shoot?

Absolutely! I know that deciding on the selection of clothes can be tricky – after all, how often do you happen to have a pre-wedding shoot? And so if you cannot fully decide on one set, bring the other in with you. The locations I usually shoot around Market Harborough, Leicester, Rutland, Northamptonshire – anywhere really – all provide facilities where you can change, and even if we go off-road, we make it work!

The key to a successful photo shoot is always YOU – relaxed, happy, and, of course, loved! Oh, and don’t worry about posing, I’ve got that covered!

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The Importance of Capturing the Authenticity of Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning a wedding, the abundance of inspiration can be both a blessing and a curse. With platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest at our fingertips, the options seem endless. As a wedding photographer in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK, I’ve noticed a trend among brides-to-be. They are increasingly overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. This is where my role becomes crucial – to offer guidance and support during this overwhelming process.

I have been thinking about this entry for a while, and I even consulted a friend, a professional stylist by trade and passion. Interestingly, our discussion quickly shifted towards managing client expectations regarding their wedding photography. It made me realize that not only wedding photography, but also the entire day’s experience is often overlooked in the preparation process.

The thing is, as a wedding photographer, I am often approached by couples with specific ideas for their special day: the colors, decor, venue, music, you name it. And that’s perfectly alright. I would probably feel the same way. However, sometimes the harsh reality is that these compiled ideas need some adjustments to ensure that the couple leaves their wedding day feeling happy and fully satisfied. I believe the key to achieving this is quite simple: Your wedding will be unique to YOU. It will not be a staged, and more often than not, a fake event created for the sake of satisfying an algorithm-driven social media platforms where we all gather our ideas from. And I aim for exactly that: a uniquely documented wedding day that represents all moments; those the couple would have missed as well as those vividly remembered and cherished. 

Wedding photography is changing. People are changing. Ultimately however, we all look for the same outcome and something we can return to and say “This was me back then, and it was all amazing!”.

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Wedding Photography short break in Malaga, Spain.

I love this part of the year not only for the aura winter can bring to wedding photography, but also for a fresh, new start and outlook on things as I tend to take a short break within this time. Just before weddings restart properly very soon here in the midlands, this time round I was lucky to escape for a few days and meet up with my friends in what now happens to be one of my favourite southern european cities: Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.

This trip was quite important, it appears; the busy Christmas period brought plenty of photography and writing work, which I would never complain about, however, it’s trips abroad and change of scenery I tend to recharge best with. Plus, the different canvas I can put subjects on is always extremely welcome. As a lifestyle wedding photographer, I tend to always look for inspiration when I travel: after all, how different wedding photography really is in its pace from documenting life on streets and in busy environments? I absolutely love that element, both at weddings as well as during the escapades to those new places.

Why Malaga? Well, one of my friends I met up with lives in Gibraltar and it was an easy trip for him. For me, as I’m based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, flights from East Midlands, Nottingham, UK are frequent and easy. The other two friends had no problem getting there either from Poland so it was a done deal. We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm too, just to break the winter blues a bit with a solid hit of vitamin D – and Malaga doesn’t disappoint! The warm days were very much welcome and strolling around this magnificent, rich in history and beautiful Andalucian culture city was exactly what we all needed. 

This is by no means a travel blog – I could write a short book, I feel, about Malaga and everything there is to see and do there. Instead though, I wanted to record the photographs I took during my short trip to remind me about a couple of things: namely, how important it is to take a break and that documenting life around me wherever I am is the best practice for what I bring to wedding photography during a busy season. So here’s a note to self among the the photographs to view below, the passing moments I already love returning to: keep your camera on you wherever you go, observe and create, and never stop! Well, unless there’s that smell of a sea-food paella or tapas in the air you just need to stop for. 

Where to next time?

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