Baby photo shoot - Leonardo

The wind and rain outside almost took trees but it didn’t touch us as we played with Leonardo. Kelly and Michael, friends whose wedding I shot in 2012, have now enjoyed 3 months of what they say is a brand new world to them and which they love and adore every minute of. I’ve been so happy to have them in front of my lens again. Hopefully not the last time:)

Baby photo shoot with Emma, Simon and Leo.

With Christmas fast approaching what better setting for a baby photo shoot than the comfort of their home; a place warming up with festive spirit, laughter and the joy of experiencing smiles of Leo, our today’s hero:) 

I’ve known Emma for a while now and I felt really happy to hear she’s enjoying time off work, where we met in 2010/2011 in Kettering (? :) ) And seeing her spending time with her gorgeous son Leo and, extremely natural in creating a fantastic atmosphere husband Simon, made me enjoy every minute of our meeting today. What a lovely catch up and time spent! Thank you all three sooooooo much!!!

Requiem to Autumn

This year has truly been spoiling us, photographers or not, with beautiful colours, temperatures and, if you managed to wake up for the morning Golden Hour, magnificence of light and haze. As we move on and notice what’s happening outside of our windows here’s a short requiem to some of the colours and moments I’l cherish this year. Welcome winter! :)

Vikki and Dale Wedding garden photo session

The summer is almost over and as we move onto the autumn season I come back to Vikki and Dale’s wedding and the session in the garden we organised mid day. So extremely lucky with and enchanted by the weather, light and positive atmosphere we walked around creating the following memories which, I can only hope, will be cherished and valued for years to come.

Vikki and Dale Engagement shoot

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Dale and Vikki at the Stanwick Lake last weekend. Dale comes from Kansas, US and it has been interesting to hear stories and interpretations of our reality from someone from that part of the world. I’m hungry for more! Vikki then, a natural, seamless and with great sense of humour and approach, a teacher every student would appreciate. What a great couple you are! I can’t wait to be part of your big day VERY soon:)

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