Market Harborough Wedding Photographer

Joanna&Paul I Wedding Photography

With the roaring soundtrack to the Santa Pod’s lively engines and an occasional Spitfire fly-over, you’re likely to miss a little but how typically and beautifully English village of Podington. Adorned by classical and warming architecture of small cottages and tamed colours of autumn, our wedding documentary commenced with a short session of the flower girls, in Jo’s parents garden. 

The reception took place at the Podington Cricket Club under a marquee which I loved photographing as it enclosed close friends and family in a beautifully decorated venue. And then the children! It had to be the wedding of this season where they took over with numbers and I couldn’t be happier in documenting their gazes, play time and, inevitably, getting into a bit of mischief:)

Joanna and Paul belong together. You feel it from the moment you meet them. Thank you both for entrusting me to report your wedding day. I couldn’t be happier for you both and for our paths to cross again. Have a lovely honeymoon and do stay in touch!:)

Baby and Family Photo session

The recent assignment took me to Corby for a family and baby photo shoot of the tiny and lovely Eliana with her parents. Taking a bit of a break from wedding photography I not only got enchanted by the energy that these three projected, but also by the immersive aura that a tiny new person can produce. Baby photography is magic! It got me thinking and really observing the world around us. New life coming to this world and exposed to smells, visions, colours, shapes, people…These photo shoot assignments change you. And I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to be a part of the memories created.

Jodi&Stephen I Wedding photography

 It was summer last year when we met for the first time properly to discuss Stephen&Jodie’s wedding photography. What followed was a very well pleasant chat about the day but also - teaching. Jodie and Stephen are both teachers and I envy those who have them as the leaders of their classes. Their warm nature and positive attitude make it comfortable and reassuring at the same time. So I’m sure your students cherish the time they spend with you both :)

 Fast forward to August and we’re seeing the day unfold with laughter, anticipation and friendship aura so tangible during the preparations onwards. Jodie, your bridesmaids have been amazing and Stephen, you rock at ironing!:) 

Jodie and Stephen’s wedding had all of my favorite things: creative DIY elements, interesting guests, a car to die for, a relaxed pace, beautiful light, lot’s of smiles, and a magician who absolutely left everyone with open jaws! 

Thank you so much for letting me record your wedding Jodie and Stephen! I really enjoyed every moment of it!

Wedding diaries I Jo&Chanelle

Once upon a time, Jo met Chanelle online and the rest is history… One could be hard to find a couple so friendly and open to new ventures but Jo&Chanelle welcomed me to tell the story of their wedding whilst jointly collaborating with my friend, who has been a friend of the family and was asked to be their main wedding photographer. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the beautiful setting of the Grendon Lakes, Wellingborough which I cannot recommend highly enough for a small wedding venue, we covered the day from the wedding preparations through a truly magical ceremony and then into the reception part of the day. 

Jo&Chanelle belong together and everyone who knows these two instantly knows this. They’re radiant, full of positive energy and such a colorful aura. Jo, Chanelle thank you for letting me be your joint wedding photographer. I have enjoyed every moment of it! 

Huge thanks go to Glen McKenna for the day, the friendship and the experience:) Check out Glen’s photo stream here and his Leica work and blog contributions here.

Abi&Scott Wedding, Newalk Leicester

Entering the galleries and works of art of the Newalk Museum in Leicester was quite an experience. It has been a while since I visited last time but was equally captivated with this sublime venue. With the newly renovated stairway and expositions, which we used as the backdrops later on during the day, the museum shines as both a wedding venue and a tourist attraction of the Midlands.

The day kicked off with a myriad of jokes, stories and beautiful details that adorned the surroundings and people involved right from the start. If you knew Abi and Scott you’d know you’re in for a treat as their company, energy and aura makes people feel at ease and the photographs simply unfolding from the moments they created left me very not only pleased with the story of their wedding day but wondering about how extraordinary it is to see people so much in love and meant for one another… 

So here it is, the wedding story of Abi&Scott. People who belong together and joined by fate. Thank you so much for letting me document your love story!

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