Jade&Ryan at Harlestone Firs

I originally posted a couple of photos from this pre-wedding photo shoot with Jade and Ryan at the Harlestone Firs with a title “Uber cool couple alert!”. This was no exaggeration. They really are something else! Open to conversations about their numerous travels and the current status quo, I found that we flew through the shoot with ease, laughter and quite a few memorable moments captured by the images which I absolutely love. When I re-discover them, just a week after the shoot and fortunately being able to complete the session before the lockdown, I feel that we’re up for quite a fun and special wedding day next year.

Jade and Ryan, you have been amazing and you absolutely shine together! I can’t wait to document your Big Day in 2021!

Pippa&James at the Foxton Locks

As we approach winter it was great to venture out to one of my favourite locations, the Foxton Locks, with a friend and her partner to document their relationship. Pippa and James are one of those couples who you instantly feel relaxed, energised and inspired to photograph because they are full of stories and experiences. They are people you know you’re praised with knowing and I can’t wait to see what their relationship grows to. And, as always, I can’t wait till our next catch up! 

A special shout out goes to Conquer, their dog who behaved himself beautifully and enriched the photos:) 

Rosie&James’ Engagement Shoot, Rutland Water

Ahh, a warm end to an Indian summer day, two people in love, beautiful and unspoilt area of Rutland Water Reservoir to roam free around… What more can one ask for? As the hot days seem to be ending now, I’m looking at the photos of Rosie and James we created recently and can’t help but think that love really is all we need. 

I met Rosie and James through a colleague of mine and from the first face-time conversation we had during the lockdown I felt great energy from these two. They’re curious and adventurous, and boy did I enjoy listening about some of the experiences James encountered when travelling around the world! I’ve got a feeling I just scraped the surface during our chat, and I can’t wait to hear more! Rosie was brilliant, too! Delicate, light, open to conversation and so nice to talk to. I really feel lucky to be able to photograph their affection and love to one another, and I seriously can’t wait to document their wedding next year. If only time could fly a bit faster these days…

Anna Bialous-Griffiths profile shoot

Anna has been a friend for a while now and it’s always great to catch up with her again, enjoy similar observations on current status quo and create new content. Anna is polish, like me, but runs bi-lingual coaching courses where needed. Her approach, I’ve found, is always fresh, inviting, energetic yet filled with actual useful stuff many of us miss whilst rushing through our every day lives. I must admit I have been somewhat curious and become insightful into one’s Mind and it let me discover new horizons. Those very important ones, about why I do what I do and where I’m going. And although the latter is work in progress, as it is for all of us, I try to be the best version of myself every day. And this is where Anna’s book comes in. Packed with actual hands on exercises and activities, backed by knowledge and expertise, that thing is a God send! Written in polish and available, for now at least, to those who speak the language, the guidebook is a gate to a better You on so many different levels. 

For the shoot itself, we set up the studio this time round with the idea in mind (, Mind again! 😀) that the images will be edited and used for social media banners. Some of the edits can be viewed below.

If you’d like to find out more about Anna and her work or get in touch to start your personal development path, click on one of the links below:

MIND - Psychology of Success here

Anna’s website here

Anna’s Instagram here

Anna’s Facebook here

Anna’s YouTube here

Leanne&John at the Chequers Inn, Woolsthorpe

It’s always great to come back to a familiar venue and document people’s love and dedication they commit to each other. This time it was no different. The Chequers Inn in Wolsthorpe, overlooking Belvoir Castle, is easily one of my favourites as it shouts: ‘I’m small but mighty!’. 

The setting provides it all for a truly magical wedding. You’ll find tucked away, romantic spots, where the couple can be pictured intimately without anyone distracting them, discover little touches to the art décor, rustic elements of the interior and, of course, an amazing management team who always make sure your wedding day is a memorable and amazing experience. And it has been the case indeed for Leanne and John who tied the know intimately with just a few of their closest family and friends cheering them up along the way.

Leanne and John, it’s been a true joy to meet you and document your love! You belong together and radiate that special vibe some can only dream of. Thank you for letting me experience that :)

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