Anna Bialous-Griffiths profile shoot

Anna has been a friend for a while now and it’s always great to catch up with her again, enjoy similar observations on current status quo and create new content. Anna is polish, like me, but runs bi-lingual coaching courses where needed. Her approach, I’ve found, is always fresh, inviting, energetic yet filled with actual useful stuff many of us miss whilst rushing through our every day lives. I must admit I have been somewhat curious and become insightful into one’s Mind and it let me discover new horizons. Those very important ones, about why I do what I do and where I’m going. And although the latter is work in progress, as it is for all of us, I try to be the best version of myself every day. And this is where Anna’s book comes in. Packed with actual hands on exercises and activities, backed by knowledge and expertise, that thing is a God send! Written in polish and available, for now at least, to those who speak the language, the guidebook is a gate to a better You on so many different levels. 

For the shoot itself, we set up the studio this time round with the idea in mind (, Mind again! 😀) that the images will be edited and used for social media banners. Some of the edits can be viewed below.

If you’d like to find out more about Anna and her work or get in touch to start your personal development path, click on one of the links below:

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