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Standing in front of some of the most magnificent locations our planet has to offer makes us appreciate how lucky we are as human beings to be spoilt with such mesmerising and powerful wonders. It’s been no different during my second trip to Iceland, the land of violent and powerful volcanic activity, crashing waterfalls and shooting geysers set alongside calm and open plains gently covered by snow. This, set in the elements you’re constantly trying to tame both photographically and physically, gives you a certain type of experience only Iceland and the Arctic circle lands can provide. You’re knocked out at every stop and definitely at the end of the day yet you couldn’t be happier. Go figure… 

During this year’s trip to Iceland I travelled whilst still desperately trying to clear a bug that has been battering us this season (, thank you winter:) but also grieving my father’s death at the end of the last month. Inevitably, I think this added to the way I approached nature and photography on location as the output turned out to be very different from my last trip’s photographs. Yet I think it worked and also helped me just for a moment meditate on the scenes and the state of mind. Many of these images will be printed and proudly hung on walls around my house with a book to follow. I didn’t think when planning it that it’d be a requiem to many things but that’s exactly what happened and, at the end of the day, I’m counting myself very lucky to have experienced it. Well, minus the northern lights, which one day I must return to Iceland to capture. But that’s a story to tell on another day… 

Anna Bialous-Griffiths Portfolio Shoot

Collaborating with great people brings joy, fulfilment and satisfaction. Especially when you’re eaten by January colds and touches of flu no jabs seem to prevent you from having.
My recent assignment brought together Anna Bialous-Griffiths, personal coach, therapist, counsellor and book author, as well as Glen McKenna, one of my favourite photographers and a friend in one.

 Set in a business environment the ideas kept on buzzing as the shoot progressed and I couldn’t help but think how amazing it is to work with people who ultimately crave the same outcome.
Below there are just some of the photographs produced from a photoshoot I’ll be coming back to in my mind over and over again. 

Huge thanks again to Anna B-G and Glen for an amazing day!
To find out more about Anna’s work click here, and Glen’s here

Brave New Morning Photo Shoot

It’s not for everyone… It’s cold, sometimes damp and even dangerous but boy is it exciting! I love morning photo shoots and especially the winter ones as they provide the opportunity to take advantage of that special kind of winter light. They’re also very different in another way as our skin reacts differently to the cold than to the warmth and therefore provides a different texture, which I find truer to the subject, more real and less hidden by its normal state. This presents a great occasion to connect the audience with the subject and I love how the muted and low-toned environment blends in to provide the canvas for portraiture. 

For this morning photo shoot at the Union Warf in Market Harborough, I went with the very brave Kamila, who did a fantastic job posing and enjoying time together. Hope this wasn’t the last time! :) 

Foxton Locks I Family Shoot

Ever felt like the presence of some people warms you up to have an amazing time? Well, that pretty much sums up this lovely morning at the Foxton Locks, Market Harborough, Leicestershire where I often meet couples, families and individuals for their photographs. The Locks deserve an entry in their own right but this one isn’t about the location. Instead, it’s about people, friends old and new who have made the morning really warm on this cold winter day.

I’ve known Sally for years now ever since we first met back in the day when I lived in Desborough. We were neighbours back then and shared moments of happiness and those less pleasant, as you do… I was then even more so joyous when she got in touch to ask for some photos and a catch-up.

We were very lucky on this morning amidst the rainy week we’ve been having and the skies opened for us beautifully. Then there was something special about it since her partner brought his two daughters, also twins, just like Sally’s. I’ve never shot a set like that and because of this I was even more engaged in the challenge of portraying the moments and laughter they shared. And boy do they know how to have a good time! The laughs came easy as we walked along and chatted along the way.

I loved every minute of it and I can only hope it isn’t the last time I see them all. They have been so easy to spend time with and I’m looking forward to showing them the printed album with the images captured. Some of them can be viewed below.
Till next time! And Merry Christmas!

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