Market Harborough Wedding Photographer

The Woodlands - Hothorpe Hall Wedding Venue

There are many wedding venues around Rutland, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire that proved to be a wonderful setting for the big day. And then there are absolute gems where you completely entice yourself into the atmosphere and feel like you’re part of a fairytale, one you feel so privileged and happy to photograph. And the Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall is definitely the latter. The Woodlands not only provides for a truly magical setting amongst nature and the space one may have million ideas to decorate with but also it goes beyond that by providing one of the most professional staff I’ve had pleasure to work alongside. 

If you haven’t yet then the venue and its grounds are an absolute must see! I’m for one sure I’d be very happy to return to this amazing place.

Rebecca and Sam Engagement Photo Shoot

Chequers Inn, Grantham. It’s 9am and it’s already 25 degrees. We meet again to take photos  of Rebecca, Sam and their beloved furry pet who, as far as dogs go, complied with everything we expected of her:) 

I met these two last year when we talked about their wedding day and couldn’t wait to have them in front of my lens. Sam, are you sure sure you don’t like your pictures taken?;) It all felt so natural, light and truly magical. And I think the photographs show the fantastic aura you both create.

See you on your Wedding Day! :)

Short break in Italy

Taking short breaks is imperial to me. It’s shooting without time pressure, adjusting to places and people and rethinking not only the technical aspects of photography but also to heal. I was very lucky to get away for a short stay in Liguria, Italy which has been my favourite go-to-location and to stroll around the beautiful towns of Camogli, Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure during a number of photo walks interrupted only by the amazing coffee, an occasional swim in the sea and the mouth watering food. As you do. If you’re there camogliese and focaccia al formaggio are a must (among other delicatessen);)

The set below is from Liguria. My favourite place in the world.

Places of beauty, places of calm.

Coton Manor is located not far away from where I live. It’s actually interesting that it’s been there all along and it wasn’t until a colleague recommended it to me not long ago that I went. I discovered the place and got out absolutely gob-smacked by its beauty, the natural and picturesque surroundings as well as the brilliant calm vibe of the place and location. Re-define silence!

The entrance to the gardens is quite modest and it doesn’t really reveal at all what awaits. You then stroll around beautifully prepared and looked after and quite magical spots. Oh, and there are 2 resident flamingos who will spice it up for you if you come too close. So don’t:)

The set below is from Coton Manor Gardens. One of my new favourite places.

Buddhist Centre I Thornby promo

It’s one of those simple stories of not knowing about a place right on your doorstep. It’s about not searching enough, perhaps, or simply of not being aware. Then again, best gems are hidden sometimes…

And this is what the Buddhist Centre in Thornby hall is. A gem. A gem of big calm, a gem of tranquility within and of immense relaxation. As you discover the grounds, the people and the surroundings you can’t help but loose yourself in the atmosphere of complete peace. I seriously recommend this venue as well as a number of meditation sessions they offer to boost your spirit. And who doesn’t need that these days, right? :)

Thank you Mondrul for walking me around and letting me contribute to the centre’s publicity. I remain forever grateful and I will be back for sure!

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