Redefining the meaning of love and fate.

Best wedding photography is storytelling. It is observing, being insightful, alert and focused. And it is more. You cannot miss it when it hits you like a lightning from the blue sky or an ocean wave in scorching heat when the two people in front of your lens produce magic you rarely see around your daily life. Forever after, redefined, revisited and preciously cherished with every word, look and gesture. And it might sound banal and somewhat cliche but I am utterly touched by what I experienced at the wedding of Abi and Scott at the Newalk Museum, Leicester, from which the first sneak peeks you can see below. And so here it goes: Abi and Scott, you have redefined what love is and rewrote the meaning of fate for me. And that’s the best observation I have had in years. And it isn’t a photographic one for that matter. Thank you both so very much! Keep glowing and keep your love for You are truly meant for each other!

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