Wedding diaries I Jo&Chanelle

Once upon a time, Jo met Chanelle online and the rest is history… One could be hard to find a couple so friendly and open to new ventures but Jo&Chanelle welcomed me to tell the story of their wedding whilst jointly collaborating with my friend, who has been a friend of the family and was asked to be their main wedding photographer. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the beautiful setting of the Grendon Lakes, Wellingborough which I cannot recommend highly enough for a small wedding venue, we covered the day from the wedding preparations through a truly magical ceremony and then into the reception part of the day. 

Jo&Chanelle belong together and everyone who knows these two instantly knows this. They’re radiant, full of positive energy and such a colorful aura. Jo, Chanelle thank you for letting me be your joint wedding photographer. I have enjoyed every moment of it! 

Huge thanks go to Glen McKenna for the day, the friendship and the experience:) Check out Glen’s photo stream here and his Leica work and blog contributions here.

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