Jodi&Stephen I Wedding photography

 It was summer last year when we met for the first time properly to discuss Stephen&Jodie’s wedding photography. What followed was a very well pleasant chat about the day but also - teaching. Jodie and Stephen are both teachers and I envy those who have them as the leaders of their classes. Their warm nature and positive attitude make it comfortable and reassuring at the same time. So I’m sure your students cherish the time they spend with you both :)

 Fast forward to August and we’re seeing the day unfold with laughter, anticipation and friendship aura so tangible during the preparations onwards. Jodie, your bridesmaids have been amazing and Stephen, you rock at ironing!:) 

Jodie and Stephen’s wedding had all of my favorite things: creative DIY elements, interesting guests, a car to die for, a relaxed pace, beautiful light, lot’s of smiles, and a magician who absolutely left everyone with open jaws! 

Thank you so much for letting me record your wedding Jodie and Stephen! I really enjoyed every moment of it!

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