Scarecrow Festival I Lubenham, Market Harborough

This has become somewhat of a regular affair these past years and both I and kids love it lots! The scarecrows are back with their authors topping their imagination limits in this year’s creations of figures which ironically attract more than scare away. Well, at least us that is. 

I first went to the festival in Lubenham, Market Harborough 5 years ago and it has ever since grown with more stands offering local art, delicious food and unusual activities amongst which my favourite has got to be throwing heavy balls into unwanted porcelain pieces. Oh yeah, I’m allowed once a year surely:) 

Then there’s the chill in the air, coming both from the air as autumn approaches fast and from the local people who always smile back at you freely and in a friendly way. What’s not to like? 

The Scarecrow Festival runs every year usually during the second week of September. Be sure to check it out. Oh, and don’t be scared. It’s all about having fun! :)  

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