Emma & Leighton Wedding, Three Swans Market Harborough

There is nothing better in the whole wide world than to see two devoted, in love and devotion people dedicated to each other completely. On the day in the middle of the rainy early summer season we’ve been experiencing, it really and truly didn’t matter what the colour of the sky was because of the atmosphere and emotions that filled the day with another, special kind of colours. 

Emma, minimalist by nature and creative by talent, stole the show with her natural and radiant beauty and feather-light approach from taking it easy during preparations to getting those shy ones on the dance floor. A truly kind soul with a natural type of lightness about her. And then Leighton, forever helpful, organised and always open to conversation which never runs without ease and good-vibes flow. 

Last but not least, the Three Swans, a local venue which staff had taken all the steps in prepping and delivering a wonderful, joyful and memorable event.
Emma and Leighton, thank you for letting me tell your story through the photographic medium. I enjoyed having you in front of my lens and I’m looking forward to next time!   

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