How to edit Fuji X files - FujiLove featurette article.

Shooting with Fuji X camera system has been a joy ever since I tried the x100, a camera flawed by its slow autofocus, true, yet rewarding in every other way. Sharp, clean and extremely pleasing tonality of the files have been a joy to look at and use. Then came the firmware updates. And more updates, and even more and by the time we knew it the system has been reliable, speedy, consistent yet not sacrificing its best areas. 

Things get better though. The files being so versatile and packing in great dynamic range, one can easily push them to the new limits. And then comes the printing! The photographs produced by the system have been one of my favourites ever taken and, although shooting alongside Canon flagships, my heart is with the Fuji. Currently using the X Pro 2 conveniently during assignments as well as travel and street I cannot recommend it more. And that’s before you start using the fantastic glass from Fujinon.

I am extremely honoured and thankful to FujiLove who published my second feature on how to edit files from the x cameras. You can read the article here.

Happy shooting! And happy editing!

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