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Sentimental epiphany - Athens Olympic complex 10 years on in pictures.

2004 was great! An end to my first serious relationship, graduation from college, a move to England and (amongst other events), in the world, the Olympics in Athens. Man, and what an opening ceremony it was. You can relive its highlights here if you like or watch it in full, if you’re not a parent that is and you have over 3 hours to enjoy of YOUR own time here:)
I remember watching the ceremony of the opening with an open jaw; the lights, the dancers and the singers, Bjork amongst others, the whole show - I had never seen a concert of pieces coming so wonderfully and triumphantly together in a masterful and complete composition of art wonders and installations. Although not entirely impossible on other occasions, we sat together absolutely speechless, exchanging only looks of admiration of what we’d been seeing on the screen. It was clear, we had one of the best Olympics to follow and watch from the comforts of our home ever!

I re-live that moment and the summer of numerous events watching the competitions with sentiment and, inevitably, a pinch of sadness, a heavy heart even for it had been the Olympics in Athens, amongst other things, that contributed to the state Greece is in now… I also come back to that moment thanks to an entry in the Guardian photography section where I saw today the photos of the Olympic stadiums abandoned, forgotten and forlorn 10 years on. I really feel for the Greeks but also the photos make me feel part guilty in a way as I enjoyed immensely a show which left one country in debts. The question then is - do we need opening ceremonies for THAT sort of money?

Credits for photography: Yannis Kolesidis/EPA, Orestis Panagiotou/EPA, Thanassis Stavrakis/AP, Yorgos Karahalis/Reuters, Milos Bicanski/Getty Images, Petros Giannakouris/AP

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