Rosie&James’ Engagement Shoot, Rutland Water

Ahh, a warm end to an Indian summer day, two people in love, beautiful and unspoilt area of Rutland Water Reservoir to roam free around… What more can one ask for? As the hot days seem to be ending now, I’m looking at the photos of Rosie and James we created recently and can’t help but think that love really is all we need. 

I met Rosie and James through a colleague of mine and from the first face-time conversation we had during the lockdown I felt great energy from these two. They’re curious and adventurous, and boy did I enjoy listening about some of the experiences James encountered when travelling around the world! I’ve got a feeling I just scraped the surface during our chat, and I can’t wait to hear more! Rosie was brilliant, too! Delicate, light, open to conversation and so nice to talk to. I really feel lucky to be able to photograph their affection and love to one another, and I seriously can’t wait to document their wedding next year. If only time could fly a bit faster these days…

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