New bonds

It’s hard to think it was so normal and easy to get out there and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, a trip to a cinema, a stroll with our kids and a dog or simply go for a drive. We miss it a lot as I’m sure many do.
On the flip side, we embrace Cover-19 lockdown situation and discover our kids’ worlds, something we would otherwise miss rushing and trying to make ends meet. 

Every day I remind myself how busy we are (, or should I say, have been not that long ago,) and I try my best to reconnect with the loved ones: friends and family, to re-establish and strengthen connections with people I’m guilty of taking for granted.
My family and I are already starting to talk about ”now” as if it was some kind of an event in history, like a UFO landing, when things were strange and you weren’t able to do stuff you’d normally do. This helps and steers them away from the horrible news we hear every day. And I think we’re getting better at being together, stronger, more appreciative of each other. 

 I really hope all of you out there, both in Market Harborough and beyond, stay safe and take advantage of these times to discover new things or re-discover some that were lost in the rush of an every-day carousel and juggling tasks. This situation will end. Imagine how great it’ll be again knowing you got there safe and sound with new bonds.
We know we will. 

Stay safe everyone! 


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