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My best new source - Photographers SHOTKIT VOL2 book

It’s needless to say that in today’s world of both professional and amateur/enthusiast photography one can find a plethora of sources for new project ideas, gear reviews, example of work, interviews, even “meet ups” for photo walks and courses. 

A professional photographer, regardless of field or interest and thus whether wedding, portrait, family, sports, fashion or commercial who doesn’t constantly look, investigate and explore would quite simply set oneself on a quick path to “creatively fading away”. I’m one of those guilty ones who sometimes think whether time perhaps could be spent differently rather than “exploring” however when on task afterwards I cannot deny it is those times of exploration for new inspiration that push me more and let me get out of my comfort zones. 

It is then true fireworks when I see and experience something truly mind blowing in terms of techniques, examples of work and sheer quality and openness of other professional photographers who share their trade techniques. And this is where the new book I’ve come across recently comes in. It’s called Photographers SHOTKIT VOL2 and I cannot praise it enough! 

Packed with the work of some of the most professional and renowned photographers, gear reviews and down-to-the-last-detail descriptions of cameras and lenses from a wide array of fields, thoughts and method, videos as well as project ideas, this is THE BEST source I have come across in years. 

The wait is over then. Do check it out here and score yourself a copy. Guaranteed it will be money well spent and you’ll quickly see how clients respond to your new creative approaches! Enough said. At least until volume III that is:)

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