Market Harborough Wedding Photographer

Crashing waves and new fronts

It all started with the waves. Crashing. Caught in rampage movement and vivid energy. I was instantly hooked. I had to reach out… 

Jacob was a quiet one. I remember him listening, noting and most of all, thinking… Every so often in class he would start drawing. And it was amazing! Fast forward 5 years (?) I got in touch with him a couple of weeks ago, taken by his art and talent I coincidently spotted on Facebook and simply had to photograph him, the work he’s producing as well as the place he’s creative mind lets go. I was so glad when he responded with a “yes!”. 

Currently at Northampton University, Jacob invited me to his world and we talked art, the ever changing inner-seasons and their influence on art, relationships and even the past we shared. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re so close to experiencing somebody’s talent first hand, especially without any distractions, as we had the studios to ourselves. 

I felt it. And heard the sounds of the work I saw. And it stays with me… 

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