Best coffee around! Canvas Cafe Great Oxendon

I fell for it again… My love for coffee and photography has brought me to a newly opened Canvas Cafe in Great Oxendon. I reached out to Jen, who runs the cafe after a successful crowd funding campaign and opened recently this magical new place in the area. And I’m instantly hooked! The atmosphere of the cafe and the area are excellent with the opportunity to hit some picturesque walks before or after the best coffee around prepared by a local maker. So if you haven’t heard or haven’t visited yet put it on your list this weekend! You’ll be positively amazed and indulged in a very relaxed way. I know I’m certainly putting it on my list of the favourite places around. 

Oh, one more thing. Have you heard about glamping? No? Well, it’s something you could give it a go to as the place is fully prepared to accommodate your next countryside adventure. Check the website here for more details.

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