Zuhal&John at The Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough

Friends vibes and local gems! Zuhal&John, Market Harborough Wedding.

I met Zuhal and John late winter 2022 when I was invited to their apartment above a hairdresser’s parlour here in Market Harborough. Not only does the place have a certain vibe, but also the view and some history to go with it! Primo, it’s situated on the corner where from you can see the Market Harborough world go by and for some reason it instantly reminded me of the Friends series and the Central Perk-the caffe where the characters would hang out. Secondo primo 🙂, there’s a story that apparently before the big events of the conflict between the royalists and the republicans in the 1600s, namely some of the turning-point battles that took place around Naseby, no other than the Charles himself spent a night or two there, in the very flat. How cool is that?! 

Then there was Zuhal and John themselves, kind, warm-hearted, genuine and lovely people who found each other in this crazy world we live in today. Zuhal is from Turkey, more specifically connected with the Kurdish culture and origins, while John, born and bread in England does have some polish blood in his line. I love connecting with people from different cultures and in this case I was delighted to connect with both of them through experiences I’ve collected while visiting and living in those countries. It needs to be said again, they’re some of the most kind-hearted and lovely people I’ve been able to tell the love story of with my wedding photography. And I am so lucky that we have connected!

Z&J decided to vow love and devotion to each other locally, in Market Harborough at the Three Swans Hotel Wedding Venue, a place where I’ve been documenting weddings numerous times by now and always praise the organisation and decor there. It really was smooth sailing throughout the day and I would recommend for to couples wanting to get married to look into the options the Three Swans Hotel offers (-I’m not affiliated with the venue, btw). Coming back to Zuhal and John, I think the favourite and most exciting - not only for me, the couple, but also for the locals out and about in town on the day - was the wedding shoot we decided to take a stroll to. Whilst walking through the streets of Harborough, it was lovely to hear people cheer “Congratulations!” from all directions! This, amongst other things, makes living in Market Harborough so enjoyable and fulfilling-the feeling of community and support you can expect to receive from all sorts of directions. Go Harborough! :)

Then there was the cultural aspect of the wedding I enjoyed a lot! Namely, Zuhal’s family, who travelled from both close and far brought some memorable and important tradition to the wedding, something you’d expect to see at a Kurdish wedding. The henna ceremony, the music and dances, the accessories and a couple of rituals performed by Zuhal’s family members made it a unique experience, one I’ll remember and I’m so honoured I was able to document.

Have a look at some of the pics from Zuhal&John’s wedding below.

Congratulations Zuhal&John! I’m looking forward to seeing you around Harborough! :)


Wedding Photographer Market Harborough

Venue: The Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough

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