The Angel Hotel Wedding I Owen&Zoe

There is some magic to seeing the skies open and the sun shining bright on a wedding day… It all started quietly with the closest family members and friends helping with preparations of the Angel Hotel ceremonial room, a local wedding venue in Market Harborough. Modest yet inviting, the rooms were decorated with elements reminiscing the local tradition and activities loved by Owen and Zoe, such as the longboats, florals as well as spring and its blossoms. The ceremony commenced with some beautiful readings from two family members and this was truly touching as they really referred to the core of feelings of love and changes that marriage goes through. An ode to experience and passion for love. 

The day hasn’t gone without a few laughs from a group of friends I instantly named “Team Cake” due to their devoted indulgence in the sweets served as well as fighting the sun and posing groups really quickly to capture them when the sun hid behind clouds and spared hitting faces causing unflattering expressions. All this would not be possible without the two bridesmaids, Sam and Robin, who remembered group sets to be put together perfectly. You girls rock! 

And then there was the first dance which left everyone speechless! Who knew this modest and quiet two lovely people had what it takes to leave people to pick their jaws from the floor in amazement! The turns, the poise, the kiss at the end… It was a perfect package, to sum up, the day, which I am so grateful Owen and Zoe entrusted me to record. Thank You both so much! You belong together and let Your love shine and evolve! Forever!

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