Fuji X-Passion Best of.

In 2011 I got enchanted. It was the retro looks and the appeal to being “unnoticed” with a small factor camera that drew me to it, it must be said, but also the fact that the company that produced this gorgeous looking thing had been on the market for a very long time. And they rocked! And they still do! It was the original Fujifilm x100 that I took that year to Italy and I must say nothing before had frustrated me more. The autofocus in particular which made me appreciate every shot I actually did get due to the fact it was such a hit and miss. But then I got back and put the images on my computer. And… My God was I in for a treat! The colours AND black and whites were (and still are) simply impossible to reproduce with other brands. Fast forward to 2017 and the autofocus is on-par, if not better in some cases, than other manufacturers, the brilliance of the “old” Fuji look for colour and black and white simulation is still there AND I’m lighter and more flexible without carrying a huge set all over the event. A winning formula? I certainly believe so, especially in providing professional wedding photography where quality is the first and most important factor for me. Any camera is capable of taking great pictures. But this one makes it easier. And there’s still a happy face when culling images later when on the computer.

A full review of the Fuji system will follow here on the blog but just wanted to shine a bit by being mentioned in the magazine titled Fuji X Passion. Even if not a Fuji shooter I’d recommend it to anyone looking to develop their skills and searching for inspiration. It’s a massive thank you to Fuji X Passion mag for the mention too! Thanks guys! 

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