Lucy&Liam at the Cathorpe Manor, Leicestershire

Winter weddings are unique! And they’re definitely not for the faint-hearted! But that’s exactly what Lucy&Liam are like and, to promise love to one another till death do them part, they had decided to seal the deal at the Cathorpe Manor Wedding Venue, Leicestershire this winter. Spoiler alert, it was an amazing wedding full of funny, surprising and joyful moments many will remember for years to come!

I first met Lucy and Liam prior to their pre-wedding photo shoot at the Foxton Locks not far away from Market Harborough and right at the doorstep of a beautiful village of Foxton. It was obvious to me back then that these two, made for each other people, will have a memorable and beautiful wedding, which did of course happen. It was magical and I couldn’t ask for better light and surroundings of the venue to deliver a beautiful canvas and painting-like aura to the images. Have a look for yourself below!

For anyone considering Cathorpe Manor as a wedding venue, I would recommend it. Absolutely! And make sure to see it all the way around to fully appreciate what it has to offer. Also, be prepared to be surprised by how well organised and structured the reception room, the bar and the dance floor are as this made the evening super easy to move around. 

Lucy&Liam, you two rock! And I can’t wait to catch up with you for a coffee to chat again and share more than a few laughs!



Venue: Cathorpe Manor

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