Kealey&Kye Wedding at the Crockwell Farm Wedding Venue

Let me take you back so that we’re on the same page here. Picture the scene: you’re 8 and your parents take you to a Mega Waterpark, tell you that you can ride whichever slide you like for however long you want and if you need anything, just ask a staff member. Oh, and you also have no limit on the ice cream you can eat at the bar located right in the centre, you’re outdoors where the sun is shining bright and everyone wants to play with you, they’re friendly, full of ideas and buzzing with the same kind of energy each and every cell is exploding within you! You got that? Great! Because THIS is how I felt documenting the wedding of Kealey and Kye who tied it at the Crockwell Farm in Daventry, a venue that without a doubt I’ll be counting in as one of my absolute favourites in the area, if not of all time!

Kealey and I have history, actually, which made it even more special to be honoured with the task to document her and Kye’s love. Back in 2012 Kealey finished the A2 Level Photography course I was teaching and she graduated as the top one in her class. (I hope she thinks she had a good teacher 😉) When she contacted me asking to photograph her wedding, I must admit I almost shared a tear - I never thought I’d be so lucky to reconnect with some members of that small group of hugely talented and brilliant young people again, and of course, to document such a beautiful wedding! Everything about it was perfect, just like the waterpark scene described above! The planning, the venue preparation, the people involved (both guests and staff), the weather, and of course the two most important people of the day who didn’t stop smiling and sharing their happiness with everyone involved until the early hours of the next morning. 

I briefly noted the weather on the day above, but I think it needs a longer mention - how on earth do you get 18 degrees C in mid-November on your wedding day wrapped around days of cold temperatures, fog, gloom and no colour at all?! We really hit a jackpot with the light! I laughed that Kealey and Kye must have some sort of special connection with the powers above because this…, well this doesn’t happen very often! I was therefore super happy to take Kealey&Kye away from the guests for a gorgeous golden hour wedding shoot, which could easily be mistaken for a staged editorial material - as noted by the venue. On that topic next, as I travel around to deliver wedding photography, I get to know venues, managers and the staff involved and unofficially rank them in my head whilst creating and delivering memories to couples. The Crockwell Farm, ladies and gentlemen, simply blew my mind! And I mean a record ‘Home-Run’ here, a hat-trick, slum dunk, and whatever fireworks play you have in your favourite sport! There isn’t a one single better, more accommodating (for both the suppliers and couples) and welcoming venue I have had an absolute joy and pleasure to photograph a wedding at in the region of Nottinghamshire. Period. I can only wish the photos you can see below give a bit of the essence of what it is truly like. If you’re planning a wedding and looking for a place, well you absolutely MUST give this one a go! It will not disappoint! I would come back to Crockwell blindly agreeing to photograph any event rain or shine, it’s THAT GOOD!

I am very excited to be able to finally share this blog photo story as the memories from Kealey&Kye’s wedding have been now delivered via an online gallery and they’ll have an almost impossible task to choose the best picks for their wedding album -  there are so many great ones I would seriously struggle! But I’m sure they’ll be in touch soon and I can’t wait to present them with the printed version of their memories I feel so honoured to have captured.

Kealey&Kye, “thank you” doesn’t cut it. I simply couldn’t be more grateful to witness the love and joy you share with each other! I hope you love these photos as much I do. 

Until next time!


Wedding Photographer

The magic came from:

Venue: The Crockwell Farm, Daventry

Hair: LuceW - Instagram here.

Make up&beauty: Rhian Webster and Lauren Webster.

Cake: Lyla May ‘Cake Away’.

Music: Matt Strafford band.

Wedding Photographer: Mike, Promenade Studios Wedding Photography.

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