Jemima&Ash Pre-Wedding Shoot, Melbourne, Derbyshire

Ehhmm… Wait, what? What just happened?? I mean, H O W ?!…

When I saw Jemima and Ash for the first time, grinning wide from ear to ear as they approached from their car (, you know like when you see long-time friends you parted with for whatever reason, and after all those years you feel like not a second has passed since you you saw each other last?) well, in that moment, I knew I was up to something great! But I underestiamted what ”great” means. Back to the drawing board, I guess because quite frankly, I can’t believe how much of a connection we made and I’m still buzzing and cannot wait to document their love story on the wedding day in April 2023!

Jemima and Ash radiate love, warmth and laughter! Think nuclear reactor gone haywire, exploding, burning half of a continent and you’ll just about hit the quarter of what these two are like! Sorry, a bit too extreme? Oh boy and can you joke with these two?! Throw any idea at them and they’ll be like “Yeah, let’s go for it! - this made the shoot ,really, and with that, it couldn’t be easier to embrace the golden hour light during these beautiful autumnal evenings we’ve been recently having. We were all in and, quite frankly, it was difficult to stop 🙂 As we walked around the area near the Pool at the Castle Mews, Derbyshire, I enjoyed getting to know these two - except it was, again, more like catching up with friends; friends I think I made and, especially in these weird times, who reminded me that there are definitely better things to cling onto than the buzz of what’s going on with the world. (P.S. Switch off your TV! Now!) Because for Jemima and Ash, the world is having and loving each other. And you can print that with a capital L. 

Thank you Jemima&Ash for letting me capture Your love! Can’t wait to catch up with you again on the BIG DAY! 🙂


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