Jasmine & Andy I Elopement

We go a waaaay back, it seems! I met Jasmine and Andy in 2018 when our paths crossed for the first time. The celebration of their love was to take place in 2020 but inevitably the universe had a different idea about what was to be then current status quo. But we soldiered on, survived and ultimately came out stronger than ever! Over the past months it has been quite empowering to see couples I had met before the pandemic hit. And Jasmine and Andy are a shining example of what “stronger” is. To say that the connection I saw between them is still there would be a massive understatement. They’re connected through a different type of energy altogether, they’re buzzing like a wire packed with high-volt amps! And it was showing even when I photographed their solo portraits - somehow the other one outside of the frame is still in the image… 

For their pre-wedding photo shoot we met on a road Andy often took with his dad and brothers when they were young, I learnt. Having been given just sat nav location to the spot I actually thought I was lost! But then I looked around and the area captivated me a bit - it must be here, I thought. And of course it was; an early spring, winter-fading scene setting that set the canvas to the photographs you can see below. The weather almost played ball but it was just another factor and conditions people like Jasmine and Andy don’t pay attention to - because they’re focused on the goal, on themselves, on their love. And this is what makes them fearless! I’m all in and can’t wait to document their wedding this May!

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