Holland. Different.

There is a lot one can say and indeed some think about the orange country. This is what I found people think and say:

1. The Dutch are stoned all the time
2. All Dutch are tall, have blond hair and blue eyes
3. At least half the population is gay
4. The Dutch are greedy
5. The Dutch wear wooden shoes
6. All Dutch speak English
7. Every Dutch shed keeps at least a dozen bicycles

Some say it’s liberal, some say clean! Strangely my friends here confirmed 4 of the 7 stereotypes above about the Dutch. Oh, no I’m not telling you which ones:)

And then there’s winter and its very own magic, bitter cold walks and thoughts warmed up successfully by hot coffee and conversations, laughter and observations. Holland brings its own magic during winter time with people’s smiles, the canals lit with an orchestra of lights, festive shopping of course (although SO much less of it here in comparison to the UK…), hot waffles, Christmas markets and cheese, naturally to be found in at least a million varieties.

I’m so grateful to my friends who made my stay as pleasant as it could be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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