Hannah, Andy & Annabelle family session

Well, it has been a while since I saw Hannah and Andy when they got married and I remember vividly how fantastic and relaxed their wedding day was. Organised in Hannah parents’ garden with a brilliant cohort of family and friends. And the band! I can still hear the music:)

But that was then and this, this is now! And what better way to catch up after all these years than to witness and document another set of very special memories – the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Annabelle. I couldn’t be happier to visit them at their apartment in London where we captured these special moments of their love. 

Things are strange these days and the current status quo is far from normal. Even more so then it was great to be reminded that life and love prevails no matter what. Hannah and Andy, and now Annabelle, thank you so much again for letting me report on your feelings and new arrival. I can’t wait till I see you again in spring! :)

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